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Woods with Floating Thingies

Oil on Canvas - 22"x26"

Finished November 4, 2002


During the Fall of 1990, I placed my easel in the back seat and the art supplies in the trunk of my car. I drove about down to Otter Creek to do some plein air painting. I found a spot right off the road, next to a picnic table, next to the creek where there was a port-a-potty for anyone unable to find a tree or bush nearby. I went on a Saturday because I wanted to be able to return the next day to finish up. I did return the next day but I still had work to do. I returned once more a month or two later but lost interest in the painting. It sat, like several other works have done, in a closet for twelve years.

I never try to push a painting. If it's not working, I'll set it to the side. At least for me, if I struggle with a painting, it shows in the final version of it. Parts will look overworked and lacking a sense of spontaneity. As a teacher, I've found that if the students are not interested in the subject matter, it will show in their art work. Anyhow, I got the painting back up on the easel in 2002 and decided to finish it. I decided to make this a little closer to Fall than Summer by adding the yellow to the background and I added some orange foliage to some of the trees. I finished the rocks and the creek and gave a hint of the road in the background.

I add the floating thingies on whim. You can consider them to be anything you'd like. I just wanted to add a little magic to the scene.

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