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Tree at Sunset

Oil on Canvas - 9"x12"

Finished May 9, 2005


This painting was meant to help fill out a show that I was getting ready for at the time. It's based on a tree that was next to a beautiful and large old house in the colonial-style near the corner of Greenwood and Terry Road. If you grew up in Pleasure Ridge Park in Southwest Jefferson County in Kentucky, you'd probably know exactly what house and tree that I'm referencing. I'm not for certain, but the house may have had some historical importance for the area. Unfortunately, neither the house or tree exists any more at that location.

When I rode the TARC bus back and forth to college, the tree would be a welcome sight after a mostly uncomfortable 40 minute ride from Downtown Louisville. When the bus would turn onto Greenwood from Terry Road, I knew that I had only six bus stops along with with a five minute walk and I'd be home.

I'm not sure why I chose a sunset setting for this painting though I'm glad I did. I'm certain that I didn't spend over a day and a half on this painting. I used a simplified palette: a Cadmium orange and yellow, burnt umber, terra rosa hue and alizarin crimson.

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