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New Way of Seeing

Oil on Canvas - 14"x11"

Finished March 26, 2000


I finished this painting just a few days short of an art show that I was doing. I had just gotten my first pair of eyeglasses. While trying to come up with something to paint, as often is the case, I'll ask myself this simple question – "What's big that's going on my life right now?".


From there, my train of thought went something like this: "There's being a father...being a husband...being tired...there's work of course...there's wearing glasses...there's...wait, back up to the glasses thingie. I thought about doing a self portrait but I don't have time for that. Why don't I do a simple painting of just the glasses. But how to make it interesting?"

I remember putting the glasses on the kitchen table, then on my easel, then on a towel, then holding them in my hand and balancing them on my knee. My easel was in an area of the apartment where the dining room transitioned into the living room. The easel also was next to a really small closet door. I folded the temples of my glasses, balanced it on the door knob and quickly noticed that it kinda brought the door knob alive by creating a face. The round lenses of the glasses are nearly the size of the round knob forming an upside down pyramid of circles.

The use of the door being open represents how my glasses will open the ability for me to see better.

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