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Bubble Tree

Oil on Canvas - 16"x20"

Finished December 16, 2012


The oldest known living thing on our planet is a 5,000 year old Great Basin bristlecone pine tree in California. This is not a painting of that tree but I only meant to give you an understanding of why trees are deservedly the most used metaphor for life.

With this work I show a tree with bubbles for leaves surrounded by sand with a bright blue sky with line of clouds lining the sky's horizon. A tree's leaves are transitional in nature while the tree itself is more permanent but not as permanent as that of sand. I had a lot of fun with contrasting the nature each of these elements' with one another. What's interesting for me is when I was painting this, I started thinking how even the though sand is more permanent than this tree, it's not as stationary as the tree. Sand is easily blown about the wind yet the tree is rooted into the ground and does not move.

Though, truth be told, if I had to give the main reason behind doing this painting is that I simply like saying Bubble Tree. I know that sounds silly but it is fun to say. Go on, give it a try. 

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