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Suggested Oil and Acrylic Painting list:

Go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby (and use store coupons). For online purchasing, I prefer either or Prefer to shop a locally-owned business, shop Preston Arts Center (Gardiner Lane Shopping Center) or Artis & Craftsman Supply (1002 Barret Avenue).



Stick with the 2 basic types: Flat and Round Brushes


There are bristle and synthetic

If you like to have thick paint use bristle brushes / If you prefer smooth paint with lots of detail use synthetic. You can use either type or mix & match.



Flats are great to use for covering large area (bristle brushes especially). If you get synthetics don’t get really soft fluffy ones — those are meant for watercolor washes, not acrylic or oil painting.


Flat Brush Sizes:

3/4” and 1” (No. 10-12)


Round Brush Sizes:

No. 3 and 10


**When purchasing brushes, always check to see if they have a good spring back. If not, they are for water color washes and not acrylic or oil painting**




Suggested size: 16”x20” or smaller

Either one of these:

  • Stretched Canvas (More expensive, though better)

  • Canvas Board (usually comes in 3 pack / There’s a good chance of warping if you go beyond 16”x20”)

  • Canvas Pad


Oil paint medium

Oil paint requires a thinner, unlike acrylic paint which uses primarily water to thin the paints. Windsor Newton's Liquin is a very popular oil painting medium.


Types of Individual Paint:


Cadmium Red

Ultramarine or Phthalo blue

Cadmium Yellow

Alizarin Crimson

Burnt Umber

Burnt Sienna


Yellow Ochre

Raw Sienna

Hooker's Green or Viridian

A light Orange Cadmium

Note: It is also recommended purchasing an paint set as a means to save money. These usually come in around 8-12 colors. I've provided paint set examples for oil and acrylic paints.

Oil and Acrylic Paint Set Examples:


Blick Studio Oil Colors - Basic Set of 12 Tubes


Blick Studio Acrylic Paints and Sets

Click on the PDF icon below to download or print file.

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