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Mornings Would Never Be the Same

Oil on Canvas - 24"x24"

Finished February 18, 2019



There is a tree that I had taken notice of due to the overgrowth at its base. I don't know why these types of trees have intrigued me, but they have always done so. This particular tree is located alongside of Fegenbush Lane within view of a FedEX distribution center. Sadly, recently I saw how the overgrowth has nearly encompassed the entirety of the tree.

Both of my children went to a high school that required me to pass this tree to school and on my return home. I knew the morning drive of my daughter's last day of high school that I would no longer pass this tree during these all too familiar morning hours and I knew my mornings would never be the same. Because although I did complain about having to drive for nearly 40 minutes roundtrip when they didn't ride the bus it was mostly all bluster. Most times, our morning rides were the highlight of my day whether I took noticed of this beautiful tree or not. 


For me, this painting marks a new day for her – she's no long tethered to one of the last remaining ties to her childhood responsibilities. She can now enter the next phase of her life; college, getting her own place to live, and so much more. I have to admit though as happy I was for her, this was just another example of her being less dependent on me. To my relief, she has found new ways to depend on me. The joke life plays on all us parents, is that as our children grow less dependent on us, we grow more dependent on being needed by them. 

I remember finishing this on February 18, 2019 because I was to undergo a serious surgical procedure the following day and I wanted to make sure that I had this done incase anything went wrong. 

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