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Life’s Missing Piece

Oil on Canvas - 18"x24"

Finished 1999


I decided to do a painting celebrating my love for my beautiful wife, Brandi. The puzzle piece is the same shape as the blank piece the cherub holds in my earlier painting, "Empty Yet Full of Love," though it may not be that noticeable since they are in opposite directions (see what I did there?).

My wife and I share a mutual love for sunflowers. I've always felt enamored by their beauty, grace, and even the height of these flowers, and I can say that I love these same qualities in my wife. In addition, my wife has always given more of herself to whatever she does and, in most cases, more than she should.

Like a lighthouse, she is my guiding light – bravely withstanding life's storms and bathing me in her light. She is, in many ways, my protector, who has stood soundly, guiding me through life's troubled water. Yet by standing so strong, swaying in the wind but never breaking, I can't but see her as a single sunflower.

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