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Favorite Ball Cap

Oil on Canvas - 10"x20"

Finished December 18, 2011


Nearly thirty years ago, two friends of mine and I decided to go to a local sporting goods store where we each bought a baseball cap. Before passing judgement on this beautiful male bonding ritual, I want you to be aware that...I seriously really love that hat. Green felt, blue swede brim, no adjustable thingy in the back (if it stops fitting your head and is too tight, you don't adjust the thingy in the back, you simply go get a haircut) and these caps were made somewhere in Minnesota so you know it keeps the noggin nice and warm. These indeed were some damn fine caps! Sadly, the company has gone out of business.

Now you can see why I wanted to rightfully immortalize my hat, since it's one of humankind's greatest achievements in sensible head ware. Ok, also I needed to quickly add another painting to an upcoming art show – so this was a win-win for me. I painted it in 4 1/2 hours.

I still have that cap. It fits a little tighter, even right after a fresh haircut. It either hangs from the top of my easel or can be found on the hat rack next to our front door. I can assure you that it's more than earned that right. It's old and even worn down in some areas, but it still is one of the greats. It's such a magical cap that the rip on the brim nearly forms the shape of Harry Potter's scar. Is there any reason why this is my favorite ball cap?

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