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My wife and I got my daughter an African Pigmy hedgehog several years ago as an early Christmas present when she was in middle school. She named him Bilbo and loved him dearly. On the weekend that we brought him home, I saw that a friend had posted on Facebook a photo of either a ceramic or stuffed animal of a hedgehog in a tea cup and decided to do the same with Bilbo. This painting is based on the photo I took of Bilbo in a tea cup. 

African pigmy hedgehogs typically live approximately 3-5 years. Bilbo lived nearly 8. This was due my daughter's love and care for him. She not only had him during high school, he even went a year and half with her to college.


This was meant to be a Christmas gift to her but it I didn't finish it until the following month.


Oil on Canvas - 20"x16"

Finished January 9, 2022

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