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Art is about the Journey -
Not necessarily the End Result.

For me, art is all about the journey and not necessarily the end result. Why do artists create? Creating is how we process our world, which is what our personal growth is centered around. As an artist, it is essential to ask oneself, what did you learn from doing this work of art? For me, more specifically, what did I learn about myself, and what did I learn about the art of painting? 

Art Instructor

I have taught at the Metro Arts Community Center through Louisville Metro Parks for over 26 years. I took my first class there around 1981 while in middle school, and a few years later, I was graciously allowed to wipe off the pottery studio tables and sweep and mop floors to pay for art classes. Then, during the summer of 1993, I worked at the center, traveling to Summer Camps throughout the city to teach art to children. I have been teaching there regularly at the center since 1998.

I've taught at various Louisville community centers as well.

For a complete class listing, please click here.


My Art

It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. So I want to go ahead and apologize now because I may use a thousand words or more to explain what has gone into some of my paintings. But fear not; this isn't always the case because sometimes a painting is just a painting of a hat. 

I place a lot of symbolism in my art. Some are traditional symbols other times, the symbols have deeply rooted messaging. The viewer doesn't have to understand everything in a work of art. I love hearing someone explain what they see in one of my works that are completely removed from what I intended the painting to be. Art is personal to not only the artist but, perhaps most importantly, to the viewer.

To view my work, click here.

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